6 Foods to Prevent Anemia

Anemia can actually be prevented. Let’s recognize the following types of food to avoid anemia.

Anemia is still one of the health problems discussed in the world of health. Anemia conditions do not only affect adults, but also occur in many children.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), anemia is a condition of reduced levels of hemoglobin in blood cells in the body. Hemoglobin is a protein substance that is in red blood cells. Its function is to carry oxygen throughout the body.

So, if the number is reduced, it will give symptoms to sufferers. Some signs and symptoms of anemia that are easily known such as pale, easily tired, dizzy, shortness of breath, and frequent cold sweating.

Each person’s hemoglobin level is distinguished by age, sex and place of residence. In men, hemoglobin levels are generally higher than in women.

In addition, if someone lives in a high place like mountains, the hemoglobin level is also higher compared to people who live in a low place like urban areas.

Signs and causes of anemia

To determine whether someone has anemia or not, it is necessary to look at the hemoglobin level through a blood test. Anemia is said when hemoglobin levels:

  • <13 g / dl in adult males
  • <12 g / dl in adult women
  • <11 g / dl in pregnant women, and
  • <11 g / dl in children

Anemic conditions are generally caused by a decrease in red blood cell production, the process of destruction of red blood cells more quickly, as well as the bleeding that lasts both acute and chronic.

Of the three causes, a common cause of anemia is a decrease in red blood cell production caused by a lack of nutrition in the form of iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Because anemia is most often caused by a lack of nutrition, it is not surprising that one of the prevention efforts is to consume food sources that are rich in iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Food sources of iron for the body

In children it takes 7-15 mg of iron every day, whereas in people need 8-18 mg of iron every day. Surely the need for iron is also different for people on a vegetarian diet that requires 1.8 times more nutrients than normal people

Therefore, you who have anemia really need to consume some of the following food sources every day so that iron needs are fulfilled and free from anemia.

Breast Milk

For newborns who are full term and have a normal birth weight have enough iron stores in the body for the next 4-6 months. However, to maximize its development and growth, infants under 6 months of age still need breast milk as a source of iron and other nutritional fulfillment.

The iron content in breast milk is not as high as other food sources, but the iron in breast milk is 5 times more easily absorbed by the baby’s body compared to formula milk.

Meat and seafood

Meat (poultry, beef, lamb), liver, fish and shellfish are rich food sources of iron and folic acid. Food sources derived from animals are very easy to find and easy to process.

In 85 grams of lean beef, contains 2 mg of iron. Meanwhile, seafood such as shellfish contains higher iron, where every 85 grams contains 8 mg of iron.

Cereals and beans

Other unexpected sources of iron come from cereals (such as wheat, brown rice) and legumes (such as soybeans, peas and almonds, and cashews). Cereals and legumes have moderate iron content, around 2-3 mg every 85 grams.

Herbs and spices

Do not underestimate the content of spices. Apparently spices like turmeric, cumin, thyme leaves and mint leaves contain iron that the body needs.

In 1 teaspoon of spices there is an iron content of 1.2-1.6 mg. So, don’t forget to add spices to your daily cooking.


Vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, paprika and kale are sources of iron and vitamin B12 derived from plants.

Although the iron content is lower and more difficult to be absorbed by the body, other ingredients in vegetables such as vitamin C apparently help better absorption of iron in the digestive tract.

Brightly colored fruit

Fresh fruits such as oranges, strawberries, kiwi, guava and cantaloupe cantons are foods that are rich in vitamin C. Just like vegetables, the content of vitamin C in fruits helps the absorption of iron in the body faster, so the process of forming hemoglobin in blood can increase.

If foods containing vitamin C help maximize the absorption of iron, there are also food sources that inhibit iron absorption. Dairy products such as cheese and caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee should be avoided to be consumed simultaneously. If you really want to consume it, it’s better to give a pause at least 2 hours after eating a source of food that is rich in iron.

Anemia can be prevented by applying a good diet so that iron needs are met every day. If you are still confused about good food sources and how much to consume, just consult further with a nutrition specialist or nutritionist.

Would Like To Engage in Soccer Much Like The Benefits? Look At The Following Tips.

Every sportsperson and activity gamer desires to become successful. But looking to become successful isn’t ample. You must be prepared to understand new stuff and employ. HJere are a handful of something totally new to attempt to be a better football player. By rehearsing these abilities and using these guidelines, you can do well at … Continue reading “Would Like To Engage in Soccer Much Like The Benefits? Look At The Following Tips.”

Every sportsperson and activity gamer desires to become successful. But looking to become successful isn’t ample. You must be prepared to understand new stuff and employ. HJere are a handful of something totally new to attempt to be a better football player. By rehearsing these abilities and using these guidelines, you can do well at soccer (Superbahis).

Acquire cleats to the capability. Commencing participants must acquire cleats produced from plastic-type material or other man-made supplies. You can spend money on metallic cleats when you are an even more advanced player and should get traction on various terrains.

In case you are seeking to cover the ball from the activity, and you also observe open up place, do not be afraid to move in the direction of it. Push the ball using the inside your food. Accomplishing this will allow for the best control. As you grow better, you will see that you are able to minimize to and fro with all the golf ball, changing from your within to the beyond your ft ..

Build a style by ball spanning on the same aspect for 3 or 4 performs. The other staff will consider you are likely to repeat it again and again. Then, you are able to big surprise them by not carrying it out.

You should try making a decision on your following shift even before you get the golf ball. When you see a gamer is going to complete you the golf ball, determine your situation swiftly. Attempt getting yet another participant you are able to successfully pass the soccer ball to and take note of where by defendants are.

All of your team must be devoted to relocating the soccer ball throughout the field as often as possible. This will aid space to start up and can give your staff an improved chance of scoring an objective. When your crew is battling to accomplish this, view video footage of expert football crews. It must provide you with a concept of what you must be doing.

Anytime you can, try and cross the soccer ball. It can cause some unforeseen, optimistic implications. As an example, accomplishing this could create your teammate for the rating or perhaps the tennis ball could ricochet away an additional gamer and find its distance to the goal. Just as soon as the other group thinks they already have you figured out, although, try dribbling in for the credit score.

Anyone who is serious about actively playing football need to create very good dietary habits. Your diet should include a great deal of lean necessary protein in addition to a assortment of fruit and veggies. By incorporating toned proteins in what you eat, you will improve solid wholesome muscles which are required for kicking the tennis ball precisely.

Ensure you are juggling the golf ball frequently to enable you to increase your soccer ball-coping with abilities. Juggling a soccer golf ball needs plenty of preciseness, and the best way to increase at this particular is training on a regular basis. Furthermore, you should attempt enhancing other skills although juggling, such as completing, taking pictures, and holding. For example, manage the tennis ball some then take the ball without having letting the golf ball to contact the ground.

In relation to goal keeping, devices are important. One of the most significant items to get a goalie is mitts. These mitts not merely help them catch the golf ball, but it additionally shields their wrists and hands and fingers from injuries. The mitts must be made of a heavy level latex for the best gripping and safety.

When you find yourself checking out to get a football team, ensure that you display movements you know well and avoid carrying out points that you are not totally more comfortable with. It is recommended to stick with simple points and show which you have potential as an alternative to coming across as overconfident.

Have more involved in every workout and game. Move a lot more. Count on a lot more from on your own. Try out more difficult to turn off the opposition and also to get forwards and help your teammates. Maintain the conversation along with your staff proceeding during the entire activity. Do everything you can to get a lot more involved and productive whenever you’re on the field.

As you now have read up on transforming into a much better football player, the next task is to get out there and try out these expertise out. Process tends to make excellent. Reveal this data together with your teammates and rehearse collectively. This will help both grow to be better participants and change your crew right into a winning crew.