Prevent Anemia in Children with These 5 Foods

Anemia is a problem that often occurs in children in Indonesia. Ironically, anemia in children has yet to be resolved. In fact, this disease can be prevented by food. However, children are often difficult and picky about food.

Variety of Food on Wooden Coaster
Variety of Food on Wooden Coaster

According to data from the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) and the Household Health Survey (SKRT), the incidence of iron deficiency anemia is almost 50 percent, which is 48.1 percent in infants and 47.3 percent in school-age children.

The definition of anemia itself is low levels of hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood. Anemia is of many kinds, but what will be discussed this time is the most common in children and pregnant women, namely iron deficiency anemia.

Important intake for anemia sufferers

Anemia occurs due to lack of iron intake in children. In fact, iron is an important component in the formation of hemoglobin. You need to know, Hb in the blood functions as a component that binds oxygen in the blood.

Therefore, to meet your child’s iron needs, consume 5 foods below:

1. Meat

Red meat is the best source of iron, whether beef or goat. Even so, chicken and fish are also still recommended as a source of iron. Choose darker chicken meat, the thigh.

In addition, chicken liver is also known to contain high iron. Not only beef and chicken, fish – especially tuna – can also be selected as another source of iron vitamins.

If the child is still often difficult to eat, you may choose processed meat as an alternative such as meatballs, burger meat, or nuggets. But keep an eye on the high salt and fat content.

2. Nuts

All types of nuts are good for being a source of iron, especially as an alternative to meat if your child doesn’t like it. Kidney beans are the most often relied upon as a source of iron. You can make it red bean soup mixed with meat and vegetables. In addition, peanut butter in bread can be used as an alternative if your child is still picky about food.

3. Spinach

Green vegetables that are high in iron are spinach. In addition, choices of vegetables with other iron content are broccoli and cabbage leaves. You can mix these vegetables in soup or omelette, which also has a high iron content.

4. Raisins

This small fruit has a sweet and sour taste that children may like. In addition, raisins can be mixed in bread or cakes as a source of iron. However, if your child has not entered the age of eating by mouth properly, be aware of the risk of choking due to the small size of the fruit.

5. Orange

Oranges are actually not a source of iron. However, did you know that vitamin C helps the absorption of iron in the intestines? Yes, the content of vitamin C in oranges can prevent anemia. This fruit can be eaten immediately or used as juice to drink. In addition, another source of vitamin C can be lemon or strawberry.

These foods can easily be obtained to prevent anemia in children. Iron itself is very important for the development of nerve cells in children. If deficiencies (deficiencies) occur and are not treated, then the impact on a child’s cognitive can occur permanently.

In addition, low hemoglobin as a carrier of oxygen in the blood will also have an impact on the overall growth and development of your child. Therefore, a variety of the above intake is very important to prevent anemia in children.