4 Exact Ways to Prevent Anemia in Pregnant Women

Having anemia, aka lack of blood (hemoglobin) is one condition that is not desired by pregnant women. Because the disease can endanger the condition of the mother and fetus being conceived.

pregnant woman

Based on the explanation of Dr. Dina Kusumawardhani, anemia in pregnancy can prolong labor.

“Mothers whose hemoglobin levels are less than 11 gr% / dl are at high risk of miscarriage, susceptible to infection, premature birth, to death of the mother herself during or after giving birth,” added dr. Dina

Meanwhile, anemic mothers who want to breastfeed are also usually affected by breastfeeding disorders (milk that comes out a little). This makes the exclusive breastfeeding inhibited.

Symptoms of anemia in pregnant women
Symptoms of anemia in pregnant women are relatively easy to recognize. So, what are the symptoms?

  • Headache
  • Pale eyelids
  • Pale fingertips
  • Easily tired
  • Nausea
  • Easily hurt
  • Irregular heart palpitations.

How to prevent anemia in pregnant women

Here are some actions that pregnant women can take so that anemia does not afflict and cause a variety of harmful effects:

Iron consumption
So that hemoglobin returns to normal numbers, consume foods that contain high iron such as red meat and beans. So that bad cholesterol does not go up while you increase hemoglobin levels, you should consume fat-free, oil-free red meat, and beans that are not fried.

In addition, also avoid the consumption of tea, coffee, or other intakes containing caffeine, because these substances can prevent the absorption of iron in the body.

Inadequate folic acid needs
Pregnant women are highly recommended to meet the needs of folic acid every day. Thus, anemia in pregnant women and various congenital fetal disorders can be avoided.

Folic acid can be found in citrus fruits, bananas, and various vegetables. If you want to get folic acid intake aside from food, your doctor can provide folic acid supplements in tablet form and can start taking it before pregnancy.

Take vitamin B12 and vitamin C
“Vitamin B12 and vitamin C have an important role in increasing levels of iron and red blood cells in the body,” said Dr. Dina

If you want to meet the needs of vitamins B12 and C to prevent anemia, just consume milk, cereals, beef liver, oysters, and various fruits. You can also take vitamin C or B12 supplements on the market according to the recommended dosage.

Check pregnancy regularly
Although the symptoms of anemia can be recognized easily, it does not mean you can “skip” arbitrarily from antenatal care checks on a regular basis. Because, the doctor who best knows your actual health condition as well as how to overcome them. The earlier anemia is detected, the more you will survive pregnancy and fetal disorders.

After all, what is needed is a routine examination, not hospitalization. Unless the pregnant woman who is affected by anemia already has an infection or the symptoms get worse. Because, in severe conditions, anemic pregnant women need blood transfusion and further treatment.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, recognize the signs and symptoms of anemia in pregnant women and how to prevent it before the disease causes various serious disorders. If indeed anemia has already happened, immediately seek treatment to the doctor, so that the pregnancy goes smoothly and the Little d in the womb continues to be healthy until birth